Gamepad and keyboard act differently in multiplayer game using Input System

I am working on a multiplayer fighting game where players will move in x and y axis (jump) and will shoot towards each other.

I want to get input both from keyboard & mouse and gamepad (I’m using a PS4 controller at the moment).

I assigned Space key and Gamepad south button (X button as I’m using a PS4 controller) for jumping.

Here is my basic configuration for movement actions:

To test the jumping, I start the editor as server and I run 2 standalone instances of the game as clients.

When I test the input with keyboard it works as expected. Every client can control their own player (green in the screenshot below). However, when I test it with gamepad each client can control both players.

The screenshots of keyboard and gamepad inputs respectively:

My code:

[SerializeField] private Rigidbody _rb;
        [SerializeField] private float jumpSpeed = 8f;

        private PlayerInputActions playerInputActions;

        private PlayerInputActions PlayerInputActions
                if (playerInputActions != null)
                    return playerInputActions;
                return playerInputActions = new PlayerInputActions();

        public override void OnNetworkSpawn()
            if (!IsLocalPlayer) { return; }
            PlayerInputActions.PlayerMovement.Jump.performed += ctx => PerformJump();

        private void OnEnable() => PlayerInputActions.Enable();
        private void OnDisable() => PlayerInputActions.Disable();

        private void PerformJump()
            if(!IsLocalPlayer) { return; }
            Vector3 jumpVector = Vector3.up;

        private void HandleJumpServerRpc(Vector3 jumpVector)
            _rb.AddForce(jumpVector * jumpSpeed, ForceMode.Impulse);

I am using Netcode for GameObjects as multiplayer library, but I tried the same with Mirror but no luck.

Is this a bug with the Input System?

Any luck on this @barisdincer ? I’m having the same issue