Gamepad in new input system works weird

Hi, I implement new input system using events and everything was cool, until I tried use my Xbox Series controller, camera rotation with stick has much less frequency.

Here I generate C# class in Input Action asset, and inherited interface from it. In OnLook method I just rise event to tell MouseLook class new input data and current input device:

 public static event Action<Vector2, InputDevice> Look;
 public void OnLook(InputAction.CallbackContext context)
     Look.Invoke(context.ReadValue<Vector2>(), context.control.device);

And in MouseLook I just subscribe to OnLook event and handle event:

InputManager.Look += MouseMove;
private void MouseMove(Vector2 mouseDelta, inputDevice InputDevice)

When I move mouse, camera rotate perfectly, but gamepad has a serius lag. I wrote event counter and get that results: mouse move rise OnLook event 700-800 times per second, stick - only 20 times.

BUT, when I read input in Update, like before, gamepad works well.
So question: I made mistake in code or input can’t be handled by events?

Just move MouseMove in Update and works great

Just go to the action you created, search for processor and add the “Scale” and increase it until you find it pleasant.

for me it was good at 15.