Gamepad rumble stop working randomly after system boot.

(Hello, first of all sorry for my english jeje)

Writing here, becuase cant find help anywhere.

Im making gamepad rumble with SetMotorSpeeds, the problem comes becuase sometimes gamepads dont rumble (i think it only happens sometimes when i restart computer with gamepad plugged in), and to make them work properly i need to unplug and plug gamepads, and after that all works fine again, not having problems anymore until i restart computer (but not always).

Dont know where is the problem, as the gamepads works fine and only rumble get affected from time to time and as i said only after a computer boot and not always (if i unplug and plug gamepads all goes fine while computer is on).

Anyone know if this problem can by sorted by script, making all gamepads to restart or something?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like a driver problem, as if the driver for the connector isn’t running automatically and doesn’t detect the already plugged in gamepad…

Ye could be, but well the gamepad is detected what is not detected is the possibility to rumble, dont know why, but ye could be driver problem.