Gamepads/Controllers and the Unity Editor

Quick, easy question (I hope): I have an Xbox360 controller hooked up to my PC, and Windows recognizes it as a "gamepad". Can I create a game for the PC, specifically catered to controller-based input? What I mean is, does Unity allow me to create inputs specifically for gamepads (things like directional X/Y movement with the joysticks, trigger input axes, and controller rumble/vibration)?

If the answer is no... (follow-up question!) When Unity 3 comes out, it will support the Xbox360, so does that mean we'll probably see better controller input support at that time?

Yes, set up appropriate axes and buttons for the gamepad in Unity's input manager. There is no vibration support, but you can use all axes/buttons that are reported by your OS's USB stack.

Great forum thread on 360 controllers. It varies based on what series of controller you have, but you should be able to figure out which configuration works for you.