games making etc

hey guys i am new to unity and i was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about what a first game could be and how could i make it. Insert links if you have to thx

If you wanna go 2D I recommend Pong for a beginning. You will have enough trouble setting up all the stuff correctly for 2D and then calculating the ball collisions and score/victory contitions. Worms would be second. There is also a 2D Tutorial Unity 2D tools for game dev – evolved for optimal graphics performance

If you want 3D games, just take the FirstPersonController from the unity standard assets and make yourself a game world with a game. When I started I was really happy with the tutorial in the book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials

But you can (and should) also do the official tutorials like 3D Game Kit Reference Guide - Unity Learn

After you did some tutorials or some minigames, your brain will start to work on something bigger with the given working set and suddenly you have the idea of your game.

I also recommend to start by making the worm game.