Games on my website keep crashing

At the games website, we're having difficulties with the Unity games crashing our users' web browsers.

When launching the game, sometimes the users get "Error Launching Unity Player," other times Explorer crashes and gives the "This Tab Has Been Recovered" notice, and sometimes the browser simply redirects to the home domain with /?g added to the end of the URL for some reason.

Other times, the crash occurs after the user is done playing the game and navigates away from the game page. Like if they click on a link, they may get the Tab Recovered crash.

Some of these games are on other websites, but they don't crash, so we must be doing something wrong. We are using the HTML code exactly as generated by Unity, so it should work, but it doesn't.

Can someone please offer any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

"Error Launching Unity Player" usually means the file was not completely downloaded, or the connection was interrupted while they were attempting to download the file. This could be a bad connection, or your web server giving up from too many simultaneous connections. Take a look at your traffic, and particularly if you are using some shared hosting, very likely this is the culprit.

Crashing is usually the result of a null reference exception inside the unity player (prior to version 2.6, as I believe this has been fixed). However, there are a whole host of ways to crash a client browser, depending on what code is being executed - if there is threading involved, it isn't too hard to cause a crash. Based on the URL changes, it sounds like the various players may reference URL specific properties, in which case on your site, they would be unable to locate. I doubt your HTML has anything to do with the Unity players crashing, this is almost certainly the result of buggy programming on the part of the Unity content creators.

Your best bet is to get the crash logs, observe console messages on the Mac, or find reproduction steps and talk with the game makers themselves.

The tab closing crash is one we have also seen, and in our case we believe it to be a thread not closing down properly resulting in a crash, but we have not been able to reproduce frequently enough to trace it down or report a bug in Unity.

I'm not a designer, but I am having the problem with it saying "failed to start unity player". I have taken the time to check the version of web player installed, and it's saying that it's the current player. The problem isn't the site that I'm trying to access, because this site's players aren't working either. Some how, it's nearly impossible to find the solution for this problem within the horribly scattered mess that is your help section. no one seems to address this issue from the installer's point of view. always the programmer's view. or at least, if someone did, i can't easily find it.