GameSparks Unity SDK

Hello guys. I’m a new user of the GameSparks Unity SDK.
The game works well until I check Development Build options in GameSparksSettings.
But after I uncheck that option, GameSparks service doesn’t work.
In Test configuration, it is not available and not authenticated.
Please help me. What do I need to do to uncheck this option.

You need to take a SNAPSHOT of your config in your GameSparks’ Developer Portal.

After taking this snapshot there will be an option to PUBLISH the configuration (on the snapshot itself), which will then make your leaderboard (etc.) LIVE to the public.

Remember: Everytime you change ANY setting in the Unity GameSparks’ Edit Settings you MUST press the “Get My Custom SDK” again. Your auto-generated MyGameSparks.cs file will be overwritten and updated, depending on what options you have selected.