Gamification idea for the forum

So there’s some neat gamification here regarding the forum, you can unlock trophies… but what if there were even cooler things you could do?

Like imagine a VIP Lounge where only posters with at least 100 likes could post.

Or being able to super upvote a comment and give it sparkles by using likes as a currency.

Seems like it would fit a gamedev forum well, make interacting fun while giving an invisible incentive to make quality posts and reward people for helping others. Maybe different currencies could do different things. Like maybe you get a badge for a month for being one of the top 10 people who gave the response that solved an issue.

Just an idea!


I like this idea, but there may be some issues concerning ideas like a “VIP Lounge”. I don’t think we want to exclude any users from features of this site. Though we already do this with user levels to some degree. But overall I like where your going with this. Hopefully somebody from the Unity Team will pick this up. =)

True, there are plenty of posters who would feel excluded and don’t have time to post much.

I second guessed if I should even make this post because one has to wonder where Unity’s head is at these days.

Are there a group of people at Unity reading these posts wanting to make a great new discussion board, or has their passion and desire to make cool stuff waned over time. Are that original crew that was excited to make Unity discussions now gone?

Are we going to be interacting with Unity or some kind of empty husk?

Apologies for getting heavy right out of the gate, but these are the questions we have to ask and are bracing to have answered.

It DOES appear as though things are getting better, but how fast? And what’s the ceiling? How many developers with grit and passion are even around any more? How capable, determined and empowered is new leadership to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Anyway, just a random suggestion floated out there to the void that is Unity these days. Hope they are rediscovering themselves and finding a renewed sense of purpose to create good stuff, and not just this continued attitude of doing the bare minimum, of surviving and pointing fingers that poisons so many things these days.

Edit: I want to point out that you can tell a lot of work went into these forums. There are some really cool new features and you really feel the effort that went into them, if this same energy is still at Unity with a bit of feedback and time these forums will become awesome.

If discussions is to replace the forums it should be a place for professional discussion, not bloody Reddit.

Reddit was once an incredible discussion board. It’s not the functionality of Reddit that caused its decline. It was the culture of Reddit.

Right, and I’m sure the constant commodification of karma definitely didn’t play a part in turning Reddit’s culture into a popularity contest.

The soon-to-be new Discussions’ focus should be on being on as navigable and searchable as possible. Gamification nonsense should not at all be a concern.

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This is a discussion board for gaming. Gamification should be in our DNA.

This could be something as simple as some fun little fluff like emotes you can leave on a comment.

It could be expanded to have different currency types. Like perhaps only Mods could give some form of currency for excellence in giving highly technical answers and maybe this currency could be used for substantial things like credits on the asset store. I’m just spit balling ideas.

The notion that any form of forum features would immediately lead to a Reddit level decline of content quality would only be true if the functionality were mirrored from reddit. Again, being able to send fun emotes wasn’t the cause of the decline of online discourse.

If we were to call out any singular factor being the root cause of Unity and this community, it would be getting away from the mindset of creating an environment where good games can be created. Getting away from the mindset of creating tools and features that facilitate fun.

I didn’t propose this idea specifically because I want fluffy goofy forum features, though they could be neat. It’s mostly about asking Unity to get excited about adding cool stuff again. Kinda just testing the waters and seeing where their mindset is at.

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It’s not a discussion board for gaming, it’s a help board for developing products in Unity. Plenty of which aren’t gaming related.


I would argue that point was the mindset that destroyed this company.

A company 100% focused on creating great games would bring the functional product that would allow for the most use cases.

What made Unity great was the passion to create great games, and the potential to make other great applications stemmed from that. It was once they started adding all this “serious business” type people and culture that the company lost track of its key mission, and the passion and competency became diluted with marketing and other tertiary elements.

Doesn’t change my point. This is a support board. Not a social board. General Discussion only existed in the old forums to keep the social chat out of the parts of the forums that were about people helping other people do their job. The future discussions should be set up to make that as streamlined as possible.

You want flashy emotes and stuff, use the Unity Discord instead.

Nice job resorting to personal attacks.

All I’m saying is this is meant to be a professional setting, not a social club. This board is about helping people, not point scoring. Those of us like myself that do help on the regular don’t need points or anything to incentivise us. We already enjoy what we do, and we only need an efficient setting with which to do it.

And I’m not being cantankerous, just forthright.

You don’t speak for everyone, and assuming you do is a bit high and mighty IMO.

I think it would do us all a lot of good if we can try to take a deep breathe and not try to attack ideas, rather give rational arguments while respecting other perspectives.

I wasn’t trying to say that people aren’t good natured and would only help for rewards. I just thought it might be a neat idea and expanded on my reasonings for my post above.

A lot of good points have been raised by both you, @IllTemperedTunas and @spiney199. I believe that we do need to keep this a support board, but still:

And besides, this is a community about Unity, there is a (very small) social aspect to it.
Why shouldn’t we make Unity Discussions a fun and colorful site? I think as long as the additions are kept minor, this may be a great improvement to the community. With the addition of new categories and more professional users this site will already become a better place. Just some of my ideas on this. Hopefully more will join this conversation.

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Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity Engine does more than just game related stuff. This site is intended for both hobbyist and professionals, not only making games, but any other “real-time 3D (game), app and experience for entertainment, film, automotive, architecture, and more” (quite literally from Unity’s official site).

I would kind of understand the idea of gamification if Unity and the Unity Engine were some sort of a niche thing made for/by hobbyist/amateurs that only make experimental/avant-garde projects…

What the StackExchange websites do is a far more realistic approach, and somewhat less obnoxious. But for the love of God, please let’s not make this place another Gamejolt.


If discussions is to replace the forums it should be a place for professional discussion, not bloody Reddit.

This. Lithium’s big draw back in the day was a gamified forum experience, and almost everyone hated it for it. I’m fine with the forum software supporting it but we already have problems with people reviving threads because they can’t figure out what the “Like” button does.


Again, this thread was mostly about trying to feel out Unity’s headspace.

When I started using this forum, and I unlocked some badges and i got this gamebot chatting with me and telling me about new features, sure we could nitpick the functionality of all these bells and whistles.

Sometimes there’s more to a story than just the surface level functionality of things.

I really enjoyed seeing all these extra features and you could feel the extra work and care that Unity was putting into this forum. Again, I don’t know if the people who added these features are gone. We don’t know what the attitudes or aspirations for this forum is any longer behind the scenes.

Was simply trying to have a discussion about gamification. Didn’t realize it was going to spiral into a bitter, contrarian and very negative talk.

I make one post and it IMMEDIATLY devolves into the same sort of negativity of the old forums, a cranky, no fun allowed sort of spasm stemming for the negative emotions surrounding this scene as of late.

It’s so tiring.

But sure, I get it, some of you guys are passionate about a return to form and serious gamedev. That’s fine, but the larger issue killing this scene is the negative attitude.

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I make one post and it IMMEDIATLY devolves into the same sort of negativity of the old forums, a cranky, no fun allowed sort of spasm stemming for the negative emotions surrounding this scene as of late.

You gave your opinion, a few other people gave theirs, and when some of us don’t agree you attacked us for it. If you don’t like the opinion feel free to disagree with the opinion, but if you’re going to attack people don’t pretend to be the victim.

Are we still doing this same old tired excuse of discourse?

It’s in the name of the forum: discussions. If discussions aren’t your cup of tea you’re not going to be very happy come the 18th.

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People are SICK of this crap.

Moderator activity seems to have suggested otherwise.

Everyone is welcome to their opinion

Your post paints a very different picture. Nothing says elitism like telling people they are wrong for having their opinions.

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I specifically said the opinions here had merit. What I didn’t appreciate was the usual elitism and negativity that has destroyed this area of discussion.

This conversation has gotten sidetracked enough. I’m not going to say i didn’t enflame things, but i’m done making things worse.

I think there was some ok discussion towards the top of the thread.

Feel free to say whatever you want, I’m done in this thread. Others are welcome to bring this back on topic or continue whatever this is.