Gap in navmesh after carving

I’ve had this issue for a while now and was wondering if anyone knows how I can fix little gap errors which occur occasionally due to the navigation mesh being carved at runtime,

As you can see a little slither of a gap has appeared which is enough to throw all the pathfinding off on this highly carved up navigation mesh.

I’ve got my agent radius set at 0.4 and my voxel size at 0.025 so its a pretty small grid.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I am having the same issue, did you find a solution for this ?

I didn’t sorry, the nice people at Unity couldn’t recreate so all they have suggested it upgrading to the latest version. I am having difficulty my self recreating it in a test scene but it’s quite prevalent in my actually game built

Hi, I came from future 2020 where this problem is still mysterious to solve, just to drop in and add what I did.

My project bake navmesh on runtime, because i have random gen map. I had very very small gap which enemy agent will go roundabout over it, never cross that line.

I tried reduce voxel size and tile size a bit and it does help smooth that out. But not sure if this will fix all for the long run.

For document, go here: DOC