GC: Palestine front page story

One day only special! GC: Palestine has a big ol' article on the front page of Next Generation, which is a pretty mainstream game industry news site. If you look at the front page today, you'll see it:


Here's the direct link for when it drops off the front page:


There is a total of one paragraph that talks about Unity itself in the two-page article. Still, this is definitely very cool! I'm waiting for it to be available as a download so I can play it for myself!

Woot! Thanks for the heads up. While I would love for the article to have more on Unity itself I really do see GC: Palestine as having a unique angle in what it's trying to do more so than it does in the tools that were used. Even the title clearly indicates the focus of the article: "Understanding Conflict Through Games". Either way though, kudos to the crew at Serious Games Interactive!