Gear S2 development using UNITY


I have developed a tap based game for Gear S2 watch with UNITY.

After submission, the .tpk failed the pre-certification test with error message 'An API, which is not officially documented in the Tizen SDK, has been used in the source code of the Application package.'

We are not using any plugin or API other than 2D tool kit. Also I have uploaded the empty project on Samsung seller account and got the same error message.

I have attached the screenshot for better understanding. Any help would be highly appreciable.


2718523--192958--Screenshot (101).png

As you may know, Unity does not support development for the Gear S2. However I am curious. Is there a report that gives more information regarding what API is being used?

No there is no report regarding the APIs being used. That’s why I even tested with empty project, but got the same error. Just out of curiosity, is there any plans to support development for Gear S2 ?

The problem is, the game is working fine at my end. I am testing and playing the game on Gear S2 watch. But I am not able to go live with it.

The screenshot mentions an attachment gear_core_whitelist.txt. What is in that file?

Currently there are no plans to support the Gear S2 or other Tizen based smartwatches.

Here is the doc file.

2718554--192964--gear_core_whitelist.docx (17.1 KB)