Gear VR Game keeps crasing on startup when phone is connected to Unity's Profiler

I know there’s Oculus Remote Monitor as an alternative but Unity’s built-in Profiler seems to have this issue: I build and run with Development Build and Autoconnect Profiler settings checked (and in Player settings, Enable Internal Profiler also checked, and on the phone Gear VR Service’s Developer Mode is also enabled, I’m testing the game with the phone plugged in). Then the game crashes most of the time before even the Unity Splash screen would appear. Whether I start Recording in Profiler Before or After I launched the game, doesn’t seem to make a difference. However, sometimes just waiting a bit fixes it and later I can run the game. Once the game starts running, it runs without any problem. Although in some cases it leaves the phone controls unresponsive (usually if it happens to launch right after the build).

My Unity version is 5.3.4f1 personal on OSX, my connected device is Samsung S7 Edge. Is this a bug related to this Unity version or can I somehow fix it without having to update?

(Just because updating to 5.3.5 would mean a lot of redesigning as they’ve changed the integration of the Oculus functions).

Anyone? Or maybe I should ask it on an Oculus forum…