Gear VR - photo inside sphere deformed texture

Hi, i’m building a 360 photo tour.

In my project there are some sphere, inside the first, at center, i put the “OVRPlayer Controller” prefab.

i’m using this shader for the spheres: panorama/Assets/Shaders/InsideVisible.shader at master · cmdr2/panorama · GitHub

the problem is: the photos inside the spheres have some deformation when i start the game (walls, door warped)

the same photo in another project (using cardboard sdk) and in the “zplayer demo” app are fine, so the problem is in my unity project.

What is wrong?

Thanks, forgive my bad english.


Use high poly sphere it should hep!

To make high poly I used Maya.

Created sphere 100 * 100

Then exported as .FBX

Feel free to ask.

following this guide Unity- Photosphere Photo Viewer for Google Cardboard - Stack Overflow i switch to skybox, now photos are ok.
however the camera sees also the adjacent spheres