General issues after switching to Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

I wanted access to the shader graph so I tried to switch from the standard to the Universal Render Pipeline. I had two main issues that I wasn’t able to solve within a couple hours, so I ditched and reverted all my changes.

1: Camera.current always returns null on my text billboarding script (at least the console says so, 999+ times), and yet running my project shows everything acting perfectly normal. Text always faces the player camera and the editor camera, exactly as one would expect. This solution had no effect.

2: My enemy death physics have become wonky. Before the update, if a bullet kills an enemy, that enemy records the entire collision, turns off their kinematics, and then reapplies the physics of the collision. From the player’s perspective, it looks great. Then the body hangs out for a few seconds before despawning, and I can continue to propel their body with bullets. After setting up the project to use URP, I can shoot the enemy 3-4 times before they finally react to the physics. I didn’t debug much into it, but if it was working flawlessly prior, I don’t expect it’s directly my fault.

Do you have any idea what either of these issues might be caused by?

I personally don’t use this, but mabye make the collider bigger than the mesh?