General Problem : Things that should be Updatable but not a Monobehaviour

Hello folks,

first to my specific problem:

I am working on a menu for Joining games like in warcraft 3 if u know this game.
For this i have a script game which doesn’t inherit from anything and just stores the playerlist and chatmessages until the game gets started, it then switches to another scene.

before it switches the scene i implemented a 5 sec countdown showing each second in the chat like this:


since i can’t use the update function in game since its not a monobehaviour i do it in another class the UIManager, but i fell like its a very bad and dirty way to do it.

if i inherit from monobehaviour however i have to attach the script game to some Object if my understanding is right . here is the general problem now : shall i just use a dummy-Object and add a gamescript everytime i create a game-instance ? i feel like this is also not a good way.

thanks in advance for your answers!

Commonly, games have at least one “manager” type of object that persists scene changes etc., and holds important data like player stats. This GameObject could have your class instance, inheriting from MB, on it. I recommend making a spereate static class “Manager” that holds static references to all the MB scripts on the manager GameObject. This way, you can access all persistent cripts with Manager.scriptName.