General Questions

i have some general questions about unity 3d.

How does i create an endless road? Should i create a very very big circle or very very long road? Or is there a way to create this object programmatically?

If I code for iPhone, can i Create an InGame SHop in Unity, or i must do in xcode?
The same question about facebook and twitter!

thank you for help

The answer to your questions could all be found searching the Unity Answers.

An endless road should be created programmatically for best results. Create segments that you instantiate or rearrange as the player progresses.

An in game shop will depend on what you plan on doing. If you plan on using real money, then you will need to use an Xcode plugin, but if you just want an in game currency then that can all be done in Unity.

Facebook and Twitter will both need an Xcode plugin. Each group has a library for communicated with their site. You can find it under the developers section of their website. Their plugins won’t act any differently than any other so search for help on any Unity plugins to see how its done.