Generalise Texture Compression for Android Phones

Hello folks,

I have a question about texture compression for the Android platform. Since there is no standard hardware for the Android phone I am not sure what the best approach is for compressing textures.
There are lots of them available but I wanted to know is there anything that will help us to use say only one type of compression for almost all the devices?
however I know its quite difficult or even not possible!
I’m not sure whether DXT, PVRTC, ATC, ETC1, ETC2 one of them will work on all android phones.?
also physical size is concerned because total size goes over 75 MB, and if some atlases compressed by using PVRTC it goes to 43 MB, but hits performance, it increases levels loading time :frowning: .
Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

ECT1 is guarantee to work on any device. The main problem is that it doesn’t not supported alpha channel. So you need to create an Alpha8 texture if you have alpha in your texture.

You can choose other format, but you need to upload multiple APK on the Google Play Store.

Good post on StackOverflow

Unity Android Texture Compression

ETC as Recommended Texture Compression, not support alpha channels. In DXT format Alpha channel is very good

In My game using ETC2

*this information based on my game , may vary for other games

File Size(KB)   Format			Supporting Devices	Alpha Channels
21843		    ASTC			     1242				Good
22759		    ATC			      3144				Good
22860		    DXT			       992				Very Good
23021		    ETC2			    10271				Average
31598		    Don’t Override	  10271				Poor	
31598		    ETC1			    10248				Bad
35933		    PVRTC			    2473				Bad