Generate lightmap UVs taking forever

So, I’ve finally found my problem when baking my light : my mesh had lightmap UVs all wrong.

I imported a model from Google Sketchup, a quite simple building, not very detailed either.
I’ve tried baking the light and realized something was off : black marks over the textures here and there, really ugly stuff.
After browsing hours between the whinning about Enlighten being not as good as Beast for baked lightmap, I finally found out that what I was missing was generating lightmap UVs.

I’ve tried doing that on a small sample project with a 20 poly SU model, evrything was fine. It took a little time to calculate the lightmap UVs and some more time to bake the light and that was it.

So I tried doing just that for my model, but the thing is that generating the lightmap UVs takes forever. It freezes Unity in the process too : I can’t even open it, it’s stuck loading.

I’m using : Google Sketch Up Make 2016 (free version), Unity 5.3.4f1 32 bit and I’m on Windows 7.

Bottom line is the following questions :
Is this normal? Do I have to wait longer than one hour? Why are there no progress bar of what’s happening? Did anyone also encounter this problem on this version of Unity? Is there a solution (possibly other than mapping the light UVs myself)?

Same here, in 2021 :frowning:

Faced this problem too…
I can’t see even the progress bar, but can view new UnwrapCL process in the windows inspector.
I was waiting for a loooong time and nothing happened.
Did you find the solution?