Generated mesh changes colour at a distance/angle

I’m playing around with procedural terrain generation but the meshes always render weird from a distance and at an angle. I have tried changing the lighting, camera, quality settings, texture/material, different objects with the same material etc. and it’s only my meshes that seem to be affected. When I’m looking top-down, the colours are correct but as I angle the camera horizontally, they start to tint. This happens in both the scene view and game view, regardless of lighting and camera settings. I tried searching for the answer but I’m relatively new to unity so I don’t know what keywords to look for. Any help would be appreciated.

Okay so I fixed it by changing the texture type from ‘Default’ to ‘Sprite(2D and UI)’ It can also be fixed by changing the texture’s filter mode to anything but ‘Point (no filter)’ but that messed up the look of the actual texture so changing the type fixed my problem.