Generating a grid on a Sphere

How would one generate a grid on an icosphere? I understand the process of making a 3 dimensional grid over a terrain, however this problem has been quite difficult. For pathfinding purposes mainly.

Maybe you should do some projection on a flat surface like a cube.

You map your grid on a cube, then when you have a point on your sphere you simply project this point to the cube in order to know the actual position on the grid.

Look at some projection used in GIS:

For anyone who needs an answer, here is what I decided to do :

The icosphere is simply a basis model for the grid array. I would modify the mesh to paste the vertices to the grid in the proper location based on rotation from the center point, then simply use those locations in world space to map an array for the grid system. The pathfinding is A, so what I would then do is set the vertices that are used to make the lines as children to the vertex I am accessing, which would take care of the child based system of A.

And here is an image of the result, the mesh deformation you might see is simply the second sphere within the first sphere, creating multiple planes on one layer. The grid itself seems to have come out quite well.