Generating a Mesh

Hey everyone!

I have the following setup right now: A main map area, and then a surrounding area full of camera filler.

alt text

The problem is that right now the filler area is made of instantiated planes. From what I understand, that makes this really inefficient. I need the area surrounding the map to be filled with a simple rock texture. What is the most efficient way to do that?

Also, take a look at the stats. As I have no experience with game design I can’t really judge this yet, but is this still decent performance?

Yes, that’s very inefficient considering what’s actually on the screen. Performance should be at least 10X that, and it could be done with far fewer verts and tris. The easiest way is to model it in a 3D app. If you need it to be dynamic, then you’d have to use the Mesh class in Unity, which requires an understanding of how meshes work on graphics cards. (Although it’s not that hard once you learn it.)