Generating island mesh

I’ve been trying to generate random islands for my game, but can only get it to work using tiles. I’d like to create a random island which is a single mesh, and not several tiles. Kind of like the procedural islands in this game

It seems like the base for these islands are multiple hexagons. Can you please help me make a start randomizing meshes? Thanks, Boaz

I just went through doing something similar with creating an asteroid with paths on the inside. Unfortunately, Unity does not seem to be a good way to model things on the fly. I ended up using Blender. However, having said all that, if you check out my post: Here you’ll see what I tried to do and maybe it can help you expand on yours. In my script, the random asteroid was generated using Visual Basic and stored in a file first. That is easy enough for you to duplicate in unity though. The issue I had, as noted in the post, is that I could not get the components to combine properly. Hope that helps.