Generically get the mouse click or touchscreen press position

Hi, i’m using the new input system.

I created the input actions to get 2 actions:

Move(Value, Vector2): bound to mouse position and touchscreen primary touch position

Select(Button): bound to mouse left button and touchscreen press

I created this listener but i can’t find a way to generically get the click/press position when i get the Select action

 public void inputEventListener(CallbackContext value) {
             print( + " MOVE " + value.ToString());
             Vector2 currentPosition = value.ReadValue<Vector2>();
             Vector2 deltaMove = currentPosition - dragStart;
             print( + " DELTA MOVE " + deltaMove);
     } else if ( == "Select") {
         if(value.phase == InputActionPhase.Started)
             print( + " SELECT START " + value.ToString());
             //this works only for the mouse
             dragStart = Mouse.current.position.ReadValue();
             pressing = true;
         } else if (value.phase == InputActionPhase.Canceled)
             print( + " SELECT STOP " + value.ToString());
             pressing = false;

This is the way

From the site:
The correct setup is that you create one action with Action Type Value and Control Type Vector2. Then, you click the little plus button and select “Add Binding with one modifier”.
For “Modifier” you use either mouse click or touch contact, depending on what kind of input you need. The modifier is the thing that will actually trigger the action.
For “Binding” you use either mouse position or touch position. The binding defines the value of the action whenever the modifier is executed.
In the code, you can use ReadValue to get the actual position.

I configured mine as described with the action bound for both mouse and touchscreen and it seems to work correctly.