Geospatial API not working on IOS build

I’ve started learning AR Foundation recently and I’m developing my first app. I have a problem with reading user’s location in IOS build.
There is also a problem, that GameObjects from scene are not visible in build, but visible in editor.

The application needs to read the geolocation of the user’s phone and for that I have integrated Geospatial API in my project. In order to debug the app, I created UI that shows the player’s position in the real world on the phone screen, like shown here:

When developing the functionality I tested it in editor and it seemed to work, but as soon as I create a build for IOS - the program does not show data about the phone’s geolocation. Here is a screenshot of my app:

I have enabled ARCore API in Google Cloud Services

I’ve also enabled Google ARCore and Apple ARKit in Unity and Project Validation tab shows no errors.


I thought my error might be similar to the one described in this thread:

So I went to the folder where I have the build, opened the Podfile, checked it, then ran the pod install command. Made the build and… nothing - the application still doesn’t show the position data.
Did i miss something?