Get "Waiting for Debugger" when trying to connect to iOS dev build in Mono.

Hi There

Delighted to find that I can remote debug on the device using mono, but it only seems to have worked once (and even that time Mono threw exceptions when I deleted some breakpoints).

I’ve created a dev build with debug scripting support and installed on my device, stopped the build running in XCode and started normally.

In Mono I attach the debugger and I can see my phone in the list. As soon as I try to attach it gives me the “Waiting for Debugger” message and then announces, after a minute or so, that it cannot connect on that port, something else must be using it.

I am NOT blocking any ports on the iMac and my router is a bit closed (and rubbish) but I’m not sure where to start - I’ve googled for a solution, but not seen anything.

Anyone else had this issue? As I am on 3.5.3 I am downloading to upgrade to 3.5.5 in case it’s an issue with an older build - but there’s nothing in the release notes.

My iPhone is not on the latest OS either… I guess I could upgrade that too.

FYI, I have rebooted my App, Mono, the machine and the phone, but it makes no difference.


I have changed my wireless router to a different channel and found it to be much more reliable.