Get a variable from another file javascipt

Hi i have a problem.

i want get a varible from onother file javascript, but my code don t work!

My problem is this.

file 1:

var windowRect : Rect = Rect (200,200,200,200);
static var speed=0;
function OnGUI () {
	// Make a background box
	windowRect = GUI.Window (0,windowRect,menu,"menu'");

function menu(windowID : int){
	// Make the first button. If it is pressed, Application.Loadlevel (1) will be executed
	if (GUILayout.Button("start")) 
		Application.LoadLevel ("level1");
	if (GUILayout.Button("Velocità1")){

	if (GUILayout.Button("Velocità2")){ 

File 2:

var speed=GUISystem.speed;

THis don’t work, an the compiler get me a some error.

I Have this problem because i use a static variable?
if i want get public variable or simple int var?

I assume that file1 is called GUISystem.js? Make the var there public. Also in file 2 use


If you just want to use GUISystem.speed, put GUISystem.js into a Plugins folder and make it a public static class with public static vars