Get acess and switch to many audio source in a single Object HELP!!

supose that i have 3 diferents audiosources in a cube…
if i want to make them play individualy in a specific moment…exemple

if the cube jump i want the audiosource named jump play

if it crouching i want the audiosource named crouch play

if it got hit i want the audiosource gothit play!! do i do that…do i have to assign them and how give me all the possibilities if ther are less then 10 LOL!!

You don’t need multiple AudioSources - simply use a single AudioSource and play different clips with PlayOneShot:

var jumpSound: AudioClip;   // assign sounds to 
var crouchSound: AudioClip; // these fields in 
var hitSound: AudioClip;    // the Inspector

  // when the cube jumps:
  // when the cube get hit:
  // and so on