Get actual notifications of new Unity versions?

in the Unity editor, on Mac anyway, there’s an Update Check - last menu on right.

However, it simply doesn’t work.

Because Unity have 1970s servers, or something, they deliberately lag it. (Apparently.) So it’s useless.

For instance all our macs currently show 4.2.1f installed, as the “current”

But on Start Your Creative Projects and Download the Unity Hub | Unity, I see 4.2.2

(As a further nuisance, nowhere as far as I can see, does it tell you what date 4.2.2 is, or any older version, on the Unity3D web site.)

In any event, how to get automatic notifications of the actual release moment of a new Unity version?

Utterly absurd problem for a product that costs so much.

Here’s the process:

  1. The build is made.
  2. The installers are uploaded to our web server.
  3. The content delivery network is kicked.
  4. The website is updated to refer to the new build, and the release notes are published.
  5. Messages go out on forums, twitter.
  6. Long pause.
  7. Intelligence is gathered from the community, so we have a chance to check that the update, whilst tested exhaustively doesn’t have some super embarrassing problem.
  8. Once we have thumbs up from developers, QA, support, sales we’ll update the update server.

That works for us. Admittedly nearly every release we get this kind of question from frustrated users. What we don’t want is for users to download the latest shiniest version, and then hours of days later have to download a newer shiny, fixed version.

Good point about the date of the release. I’ll poke some people.