Get AudioClips into array without Resources.LoadAll()

I have a bunch of mp3’s imported as AudioClips, if I say

public List<AudioClip> jams;

I can drag-and-drop them one-by-one and then do whatever I want with them in the script. Obviously with alot of files this is time-consuming and tedious.
Is there a way I can fill up the array in code, even with Editor-only functionality?
I really only need to do it once, then I can copy-and-paste the filled-out component.

Almost all searches on AudioClip arrays reference Resources.LoadAll() –
I understand about the Resources folder, including Unity’s own recommendation to not use it (Assets, Resources and AssetBundles - Unity Learn)

For that reason, I’d like to go another way. Any way to get this done? TIA

Another possibility is the following!

  1. Select the gameobject holding the script with the array of audio clips.
  2. Lock the inspector using the little icon at the top right of the inspector
    alt text
  3. Select all your audio clips from the Project tab. You can filter the tab using the search bar for example. Or you can use CTRL + click to add an audio clip to your current selection
  4. Hold the left button of your mouse, & drop the selection to the array in the inspector