Get button for a player with new input system ?

Im lost with the new input system. doc is a mess to me.
There is so mutliple odd way to get something done I don’t have a clear view of how to do it properly.
Im at the simple point were I have to check if one button is pressed on a player gamepad.
I don’t want it trigger an event, i just want to check if actualy pressed true or false, from a script, for a local multiplayer game.
I don’t get how to use a PlayerInput instance from a script for this type of use.

I’m having the same problem, for map groups. What I have so far:
If you’re using a single PlayerInput ActionMap, you can simply call:

“private PlayerInput playerInput;”

then I’m not sure if it goes in Awake or Update

if(your logic gates (not currently jumping, animating, blocked, skill test, etc.)
playerInput.ActionMap.Action.started += OnAction();

then after FixedUpdate,

OnAction(Callbackcontext context)

There are other ways, but the simplest get button is like this:

using UnityEngine.InputSystem;

Gamepad gamepad = Gamepad.current;
if (gamepad != null)
    if (gamepad.buttonSouth.isPressed)
        Debug.Log("Button down");
    if (gamepad.rightTrigger.ReadValue() > 0.5f)
        Debug.Log("Trigger down");