Get Child of an Array?

so i got this snippet of code:

public Transform[] m_Targets;
public int numberOfTargets;	

private void Update ()
    GameObject[] m_TargetsGO = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Player");
    		m_Targets = new Transform[m_TargetsGO.Length];
    		for(int i = 0; i < m_TargetsGO.Length; ++i)
    			m_Targets <em>= m_TargetsGO*.transform;*</em>

* numberOfTargets = m_TargetsGO.Length;
what i am trying to figure out is: how can i get only the children of each m_Targets.
so with this snippet above i get all Gameobjects with the tag “Player” - that works. but i want the first childen of this gameobject to be set as the m_Target

Use [Transform.GetChild][1].

m_Targets <em>= (m_TargetsGO<em>.transform.childCount > 0) ? m_TargetsGO<em>.transform.GetChild(0) : m_TargetsGO*.transform;*</em></em></em>