Get click behaviour using PS4 controller. 2D game inside 3D game using Ortographic camera

Okay so I made a memory game using a youtube tutorial. (All working fine with mouse inputs). Now For my game I need to connect this to a PS4 Controller so you move the cursor around with the ps4 controller and you click with the ps4 controller (using X / buttonSouth). The problem is it doesn’t register the click behaviour or if it does it’s not on the right place or spot.

So I provided the code and hierachy.
Controlling the “target/mouse” with the ps4 controller works fine.

I can add only 1 Image but to sum it up my Hierachy has
Canvas set to World Space.
In this canvas empty game object - VirtualMouseUi → script Virtual mouse (from unity input system)
In this empty gameobject the MouseVisual.

In the same canvas I have my background
and my clickable image. called “main_image”
Inside this main_image you have the image_unknow wich is just a question mark like in every memory game.

On this main_image is the script mainImageScript :
"using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MainImageScript : MonoBehaviour
[SerializeField] private GameObject image_unknown;
[SerializeField] private GameController gameController;

public void SimulateClick()
if(image_unknown.activeSelf && gameController.canOpen)

private int _spriteId;

public int spriteId
get{ return _spriteId;}

public void ChangeSprite(int id, Sprite image)
_spriteId = id;
GetComponent().sprite = image;

public void Close()
And the SimulateClick is the image here :