Get Colors from RenderTexture faster!

Hey there!
I need to pull Colors from my RenderTexture (8x8 pixels) and I am doing that by reading it into a Texture2d first and then using GetPixel on that.

		displayCamera.targetTexture = rt;
		displayCamera.Render (); = rt;

		targetTexture.ReadPixels (new Rect (0, 0, xResolution, yResolution), 0, 0);

		targetTexture.Apply ();

As you can see I already pointed out the problematic bottleneck line.

It uses about 35 ms on my CPU time, even though the Texture2D is also only 8x8 pixels large. Now I know it has to do with juggling the pixels between GPU and CPU, but is there really not any other way to just get pixel colors from a RenderTexture (or in my original interest, a MovieTexture) every frame?

If you know a way with shaders or something else, please help me! There seems to be no solution…

You might want a compute shader. It depends on what you’re trying to do wit hit.