Get Component: LayerMask

Hey! I am trying to reuse a variable Value in an other Script for this i referenced to an other Script in a Game Object. it looks like this:

        private SpawnController	m_spawnController	= null;
	private 	LayerMask 	m_maskPlaceBuilding;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Awake()
		m_spawnController = GameObject.FindWithTag("SpawnController").GetComponent<SpawnController>();
		m_maskPlaceBuilding = GameObject.FindWithTag("PlayerControls").GetComponent<PlayerControls>();

for the spawnController it works but not for the Layer Mask. also everything works when i change the private Layer mask to public and choose the right layer mask in the inspector. could you maybe tell me what i did wrong? i get this error:
error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type PlayerControls' to UnityEngine.LayerMask’

Well like it says - your PlayerControls is a script - it isn’t a LayerMask, does that script contain a variable which is a LayerMask? In which case use that…