Get Current Project Window Folder

I have a few editor scripts that make assets for me, but when I right-click and select my context menu item to create the asset I have no idea where to get the current project’s path from, so I end up making the asset in the root of the assets folder.

I was hoping there might be some method or static property to return me this - anyone solved this one?

i.e. I have a ScriptableObject for behaviours. I right click in the Project window to create a new behaviour - I’d like that behaviour to be created at the location I right-clicked.


AssetDatabase has some methods for getting asset paths in the project; these might help.

Use built-in property

You can use built-in property to generate a “create asset” menu

[CreateAssetMenu( menuName = "Wappen Asset/WaveBankData" )]
public class WaveBankData : ScriptableObject

And it will magically added to right click menu → Create. Has same functionality as Unity’s one. It will be created in current browser location, prompt for a rename, etc.


As a bonus

, here is how TextMesh pro determine current right-click folder. If you call Selection.assetGUIDs under MenuItem call back, it will guarantee current displaying folder (the one that you clicked on its empty space)

    [MenuItem("Assets/Create/TextMeshPro/Color Gradient", false, 115)]
    public static void CreateColorGradient(MenuCommand context)
        string filePath;

        if (Selection.assetGUIDs.Length == 0)
            filePath = "Assets/New TMP Color Gradient.asset";
            filePath = AssetDatabase.GUIDToAssetPath(Selection.assetGUIDs[0]);