Get enemy position in script

I want to get the x,y,z position of a GameObject with the name Enemy in a script.
The script is attched to a player object.

I get an error
" The name `Enemy’ does not exist in the current contextThe script is not attatched to the Enemy game object."

GameObject enemy = GameObject.Find (“Enemy”);

//then i want to get x,y,z posotion of this Enemy

What am I doing wrong?

This should work, it’s JS but minus the declarations it should work a treat.

private var enemy : Transform;
private var enemyX = 0.0; // Set this as a float

function Start()
 enemy = GameObject.Find("/Enemy").transform;

function Update()
  if (enemy) enemyX = enemy.position.x;  // We check to make sure the object exists before we go pulling data from it