Get GUI elements in c# made by GUI.*?

I have some menus I want to display when something is clicked on, I cannot seem to find out how to get a hold of gui elements which have been made by GUI.* calls. If I make a GUI element through the IDE then I can give it a name in the inspector, but when doing it in code I am not able to so is there a way to give it some unique id to pull it back out later.

The scenario would be something like you have x vehicles and each time you click on the vehicle it would bring up a little tooltip with some information and maybe some options, I was just hoping to have one menu template and just move it around and reset its values based on what is clicked, but it looks like I have to re-create the menu each time something is clicked upon and set the values there and then.

OnGUI code doesn’t make components - it isn’t “Retained” you need to modify and work with the components in the OnGUI call which is processed multiple times per frame for different events (like layout, paint, mouse etc).