Get host IP and port on client

On a client app, can I get the host’s IP and port (and if hosting, it’ll return your own IP and port) from code? I want to display them on each player’s screen to make it easier to connect to games by direct IP.
The point of this would be for 2 friends to play together with #1 hosting and #2 connecting by direct IP.
#1 gets their IP and port and sends it to #2

#2 copies this info into direct connect (123.456.678:123)

Anybody know how to do this? Thanks!

How can you get a host IP unless you know what the host is? If I am understanding you what you are saying it is basically:

“Can I get the address of a parcel I want to send without knowing the address”

The answer is no.

If the hosts are aggregated on a server somewhere then yes of course you can. You just need to send a request to the server for the information and it needs to send it back to you, then you just display it. At that point a named connection will probably be more user friendly than an ip and port.

But if its p2p then no. They would have to be connected to a central server and you would have to be able to differentiate them somehow. Either that or know how to address them personally.

If you are asking, can I get my public facing ip to send to someone… then yes you can do that. There are plenty of services you can use to do that.

Here are a few:

I believe it is the third option. As the host, I want to be able to get the IP and port of the application and display it onscreen. When a client isn’t connected, they can’t see any IP or port because they aren’t on a server. If they are connected, it’ll show the host’s port and IP.