Get instance of exisiting object

I’ve looked for a while now, and I can’t figure out how I can get an instance of an object (a c# object!, not unity gameObject!) from another script. As an example I have a class like this:

public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour
    public Dictionary<string, Object> myDictionary = new Dictionary<string, Object>();

And I want to be able to get that dictionary from another class. The class that I want to use the dictionary on doesn’t derive from MonoBehaviour. I thought that adding a simple “get” method for the myDictionary inside the GameManager would allow me to access it across other scripts, but nope. This whole MonoBehaviour class is a bit confusing to me… I could simply create a new instance to get the dictionary but that would also create a new dictionary… which isn’t what I want.

IE: Use a method in the GameManager class I created which derives from MonoBehaviour to get the myDictionary on a class that doesn’t derive MonoBehaviour.

GameManager gameManager = GameObject.Find(“GameManager”).GetComponent();

Wonder if this is my solution?