Get Iphone gforce values.

I am trying to make a ball move using the -x motion of the accelerometer. I looked in the documentation and was able to achieve making the ball move in in the right direction using just that axis, but how can I measure the gforce of that axis of the accelerometer to make the balls speed of movement based on the amount of gforce (caused by the speed of the device movement) that the accelerometer is registering?

The example is the documentation has a constant speed set by a variable, I dont want the speed to be constant like that. If the phone moves faster, I want the object to move faster.

The accelerometer only tells you what direction "down" is according to gravity, not g-force or anything else.

The acceleration values are reported as floats. You could alter the speed by scaling it by the size of those floats. I'd need to see your code.

Speed *= iPhoneInput.acceleration.x;