Get JSON array object string value

Hello, I am very begginer with arrays and I have been looking around forums and nothing worked for me.
I am trying to get “speech” and “action” values from this JSON

  "id": "a0366bae-6918-4d54-a693-36cb50a7c804",
  "timestamp": "2017-12-16T12:58:51.046Z",
  "lang": "en",
  "result": {
    "source": "agent",
    "resolvedQuery": "Hi",
    "action": "HelloBasic",
    "actionIncomplete": false,
    "parameters": {},
    "contexts": [],
    "metadata": {
      "intentId": "8be4ef2c-8767-41fd-ae01-71c54455e2d2",
      "webhookUsed": "false",
      "webhookForSlotFillingUsed": "false",
      "intentName": "Hello"
    "fulfillment": {
      "speech": "",
      "messages": [
          "type": 0,
          "speech": ""
    "score": 1
  "status": {
    "code": 200,
    "errorType": "success",
    "webhookTimedOut": false
  "sessionId": "5b2211f7-3a0e-45cf-8a87-1e48dbf7a2d6"

And I just have no idea how to get the string value from this.
Sorry for English

Well you have to use some sort of JSON parser. If you want to use Unity’s JSONUtility you have to create classes which resemble the same data structure in C#. However if you only need specific fields you may want to use a generic JSON parser like my SimpleJSON.

With SimpleJSON you can simply do

JSONNode data = JSON.Parse(yourJsonString);

string action = data["result"]["action"].Value;
string speech = data["result"]["fulfillment"]["speech"].Value;

And to get the “speech” field inside the messages array you can do

foreach(JSONNode message in data["result"]["fulfillment"]["messages"])
    int msgType = message["type"].AsInt;
    string msgSpeech = message["speech"].Value;
    // do something

I cant even begin to explain how much this helped me dude, i suck at reading .json data, never done it in my life, and with this i managed to do some quality work

gave you all the points I have, you deserve every last one, cheers dude