Get LineRenderer positions or perform a transformation to an array of Vector3s

I want to create an elliptical ring where a planet will orbit on around a star. I have got a LineRenderer creating these rings but because I have translated the GameObject to have the star on the foci of the ellipse and i have rotated it to give it an inclination the coordinates are still where they were in the same place in relation to itself but they are completely different in relation to world space. I need to get the coordinates of this to get a planet orbiting. I thought I could use matrices to transform the array of Vector3’s as if it were a mesh but don’t know how to go about doing this. If i could translate and rotate the Vector3 array i can do what i did to the game object to find the right coordinates.

So you have a set of model-space points, that are passed through an object’s Transform. You want to get the final world-space coordinate of these points.
To do this simply pass those model-space coordinates, to the object’s Transform’s TransformPointFunction


worldPoint _= object.transform.TransformPoint( modeSpaceLinePoint*);*_