Get Mouse Position on an IMAGE (UI)?

I know about MouseToWorldPosition and that stuff, but I want to get the position of an image I click on. If I click in the center of an image, how can I get (0.5, 0.5)? Or bottom left (0,0)?

You’ll need to work out what the mouse position is relative to the image origin. So for example, given a mouse position in screen space in a vector mousePos, and the image’s position in a vector imagePos, and screen origin (0, 0) top left and image origin (0, 0) also top left:

var posInImage = mousePos - imagePos;

if (posInImage.x >= 0 && posInImage.x < imageWidth &&
    posInImage.y >= 0 && posInImage.y < imageHeight)
   // The mouse click is inside the image, so calculate a normalised value for the click.
   normalisedPos.x = posInImage.x / imageWidth;
   normalisedPos.y = posInImage.y / imageHeight;

Note that if you want the bottom left to be (0, 0) you’ll have to flip the height:

normalisedPos.y = imageHeight - normalisedPos.y;