Get Pixels from rectangle center of a texture

function TakeScreenShot (name : String) {
yield WaitForEndOfFrame(); // this also captures gui, remove if you don’t wanna capture gui
var shot = new Texture2D(Screen.width,Screen.height,TextureFormat.RGB24,false);
shot.ReadPixels(Rect(0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height), 0, 0, false);

           if(shot.width > 1024 || shot.height > 512)
           TextureScale.Bilinear(shot,2, (4.0/parseFloat(Screen.width))*Screen.height);
          var TextureColor = shot.GetPixel  ( 1,1 );

Hi i need to get the color of the middle of a texture
var TextureColor = shot.GetPixel ( 1,1 );
But i get allways wrong color-value.

A bit late answer…
The fact is that getPixels() counts pixels from the lower-left corner.
Use something like this to take the center pixel:

var TextureColor = shot.GetPixel(shot.width/2, shot.height/2);