Get player script methods&variables from another script in another Scene

Hello i got a problem. I want to display player score that is in a scene. And i want to acces that script from antoher script in another scene just to display the score.

This is the class i want to inherit from:

public float scoreCalculation(){

		score = 1;
		random = random + Random.Range(min,max);
		score =+ random + addScore;
		return score;

	public float getScore(){
		float pScore = score;
		return pScore;

And this is the class that i want to display the score in another scene.

public class guiDead : MonoBehaviour {

	public GUIStyle style,style2;
	public player score;
	private float displayScore;

	void start(){

		score = GetComponentInParent<player>();
		displayScore = score.getScore();


	void OnGUI(){

		GUI.Box(new Rect(200,200,200,200),"Sorry you died 

Your Score: " + displayScore,style);

		if(GUI.Button(new Rect(200,450,100,100),"Retry",style2)){





Can you guys please help me?

Try playerprefs. Its a built in way to access data through levels or scenes. Check it out here ==>Unity - Scripting API: PlayerPrefs

Good luck!