get player to slide

I'm making a ski game. to make my character slide down the mountain I made my terrain material "icy" but that doesn't seem to make a difference at all. what am I missing?

How is your character being controlled? Are you using a CharacterController? If you're looking for physical accuracy, I personally recommend dropping CharacterControllers and instead using a non-kinematic rigidbody with a capsule collider, and fixed rotation so it can't fall over.

This rig functions similarly to a CharacterController, but it should play perfectly well with other surface properties/physics objects. All you have to do to control a rigidbody character is add directional forces and torque, too, so personally I find it to not only be more straightforward than CharacterControllers, but the results are more pleasant. Plus skiing strikes me as kind of "loose", or something where you don't need 100% precise control. Simulating your character with physics just makes sense, in that case.