Get Random Number for each player from Dice

Hi, i need to get the random generated number for each player and store it in these variables listed here

  void Update()
        player1Num = GameObject.Find("Player1").GetComponent<PlayerController>().Move(numberOfSteps);
        player2Num = GameObject.Find("Player2").GetComponent<PlayerController>().Move(numberOfSteps);

The Number which i need to get is numberOfSteps

public void Move(int numberOfSteps)

public IEnumerator MoveToPath(int numberOfSteps)
        for (int i = noOfStepsAlreadyMoved; i < (noOfStepsAlreadyMoved + numberOfSteps); i++)
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.5f);
            GameObject path = pathList*;*

player.transform.position = path.transform.position;
noOfStepsAlreadyMoved += numberOfSteps;
Can someone show me how i can get the numberOfSteps button

Not sure I am entirely understanding what you are asking. Are you just wanting to get a random number to simulate a die roll? If you, do this…

    int numberOfSteps = Random.Range(1,7);
    or to simulate 2 dice, 
    int numberOfSteps = Random.Range(2,13);

If I am misunderstanding, let me know.