Get relative angle to collision Unity

I want to get the angle between the rotation (euler Angles) of the camera (V1 : Vector3) and the collision point of my character, when it hits a wall, to determin, if it was left, right, or in front of it.
I tried to use Vector2.Angle with V1 and V2 (ControllerColliderHit.moveDirection as a Vector2) to get the difference between them.

However I get a different value (0, 90, 180) when running into the wall depending on the world direction. (left wall, right wall, etc.)

How can I get the angle of the collision point relative to the direction the camera is facing?


ControllerColliderHit also has a point member. So you could get V2 by doing ControllerColliderHit.point - camera.position. Then use the angle function again to get the angle between the camera’s forward direction and V2.