Get rid of certain warnings on the console.

Is there a way I can remove certain warnings on my Console? Like, just hide them or something.
I’ve tried googling but can’t find any.

And the reason I’m doing this is because I used SetActiveRecursively instead of SetActive.
Unity is saying that SetActiveRecursively is useless because SetActive is now also inherited by children, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. When I use SetActive to activate my object, it doesn’t really activate the children of that object, while in SetActiveRecursively, it does. So everything is now working fine and properly, but I just wanted to get rid of the annoying warnings that comes up on my console everytime I build.

Read about how the new Active system works. I know there are good explanations here, from when they first made the change, if you can find them.

Briefly, with the new system, you never have to do anything recursively. It’s like directory persmissions. If you happen to have all inactive children, you’d need SetActiveRecursively to get them back, but there’s no need to have that situation at all.

I was in a similar situation, when they changed. What will happen is, you’ll want to make a few changes to your code, and will realize that a total rewrite using the new SetActive() will be faster and less buggy.