Get Second Directional Light In Scene

I’m looking for a way to add a second directional light to my scene to represent the moon at night. It is meant to be passed into the skybox shader that I am using to provide the direction and other data for the moon to be rendered in the sky.

I am fully aware the there cannot be multiple directional lights casting shadows, which is all well and good, but I do want to be able to pull the other lighting data from it to use at runtime in the SRP Volume of my choosing.

Anyone have any relevant experience with doing this? I’ve been poking around in LightLoop.cs and the closest thing that I have found is a function titled GetDirectionalLightData(…). There is also a function called GetDominantLightWithShadows() but I wouldn’t assume that would matter since there can only be one shadowcasting directional light

If you want a light to represent moonlight in your scene choose a right skybox shader for your project and try to find the best skybox reflection setting from lighting settings.